Since our inception, Chalk Riot has teamed up with Art Saint Louis in pursuit of establishing a more successful public arts scene and providing paid opportunities for aspiring chalk artists in the Greater Saint Louis Area. In turn, we can further the city’s cultural momentum and national presence on the arts scene. Chalk art achieves our aims for social impact by:

  • Connecting artists and the audiences their work impacts

  • Bolstering the local art ecosystem, helping St. Louis attract and retain artistic talent by creating professional advancement opportunities

  • Establishing a national identity for St. Louis as an emerging center for public art

Chalk art is an excellent way to reach and engage diverse audiences with the power of creative expression, transforming our surroundings and showcasing the art-making process itself. Like all forms of public art, chalk art enhances the quality of life in our community in a distinctive way.

Chandler Branch, Executive Director of Art Saint Louis, manages our engagement in the St. Louis market only, and our midwestern and east coast clients when applicable.

The best part about our partnership, you ask? When you book through Art Saint Louis, a portion of the total sales price goes directly back to them. So not only are you becoming a leader in St. Louis for commissioning local public artists, but you are supporting the tireless work of this non-profit organization. How great! 

We are always open to discussing long-term partnerships with additional non-profits, foundations, local government public arts committees, and school systems wherever our artists are based. If you have collaboration ideas, let us know! Shoot an email to